Ideal Future is a NSW consulting firm delivering rapid improvement programs that enable businesses to realise their full potential

Our purpose

Ideal Future was established to provide an Executive solution for businesses in transition of ownership, or those needing a complete management overhaul.

We recognise you have worked tirelessly to create a successful business – You’re considering stepping away, but not through a liquidity event or sale. What do you do now?

You have been so focused on driving the business and are yet to commence any formal succession planning or exit strategy, and you feel that the results are just never really good enough to allow you to exit comfortably.

Talk to us about an Interim Executive solution.

Ideal Future rapidly improve business performance whilst establishing and training a new management team.

Process improvement and Training is provided across every category;  Financial, Commercial, Operational, HR, Sales, Quality & ICT.

Are you constantly seeking better results?

Talk to us about facilitating a review of the business and it’s strategic objectives?

Once we define your road map to success, we can assist your team with completely unpacking, changing, and repacking the business, to deliver improved results.

Our business improvement philosophy is based entirely around the transfer of knowledge.

Knowledge transfer delivering an embedded business model to ensure repeatable success long after implementation.

Testimony to the success of this unique business change philosophy is the ongoing referral process that drives our own continued success.


Our Expertise

Our team will work with you to identify the ideal strategy for your business success and then manage the implementation and change programs required to achieve the agreed outcomes


We mentor and assist business owners to “C’ level executives across a broad range of issues.  Need a temporary professional or even a forensic accountant? we can provide a qualified solution


We relentlessly pursue waste and continuously improve Safety, Quality, Delivery & Cost.   Talk to us about our Lean continuous improvement program embedded to deliver sustainable growth


We are pleased to announce a new cloud-based, fully managed ISO accreditation platform.  Removing the need for in-house resources –  Implemented & certificate issued in around 8-10 weeks


We have implemented dozens of ERP solutions and have the experience to ensure you get the maximum value from your IT investment. We tailor Task Automation outcomes for simplified business success


Following a thorough audit of your financial systems and protocols we implement appropriate commercial controls for improved compliance, business management and reporting outcomes


Discover what we can do for you

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