Ideal Future - our story

Ideal Future is a NSW based consulting firm established to assist business owners reaffirm and achieve their goals.

Our purpose

Ideal Future was originally established to assist businesses in transition of ownership.

The Ideal Future management had met several business owners who had established a very successful business, reached a time to consider stepping away, but were not willing to recognise a liquidity event via a sale, although had not commenced any succession planning to allow them to exit.

Ideal Future was formed to provide an interim management solution capable of rapidly improving business performance whilst establishing and training a new management team. Training is provided in all aspects of the business systems and controls implemented as part of the changeover program.


Due the ongoing success of this innovative change model, Ideal Future has become an industry leading consulting firm renowned for achieving business improvement and scale within extremely short time frames.

We are committed to assisting business owners achieve their goals.  Whether we need to completely unpack, change, and repack the business, or just facilitate a review of the business and the owner’s objectives to provide a clear business road map, we continually receive referrals to assist new clients achieve their goals.

We truly believe that consulting programs can only be considered successful when the transfer of knowledge occurs;  resulting in an embedded business model that continues to exist long after we’ve gone.

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